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Naming a cocktail is important, and the more intriguing or devilish the name, the more the cocktail seems to stand out on the list. Whether it’s a Sex on the Beach or a Slippery Nipple, ordering one of these saucily-named concoctions has always been guaranteed to provoke blushes, giggles, or at the very least, a wry smile. I can’t remember when I first tried a Porn Star Martini, but I would bet that my decision to order it wasn’t based on its ingredients list.
Fast-forward however-many-years and the Porn Star Martini has become a veritable fan favourite, and is no longer a drink that is only ordered for its naughty name. In a recent interview, a London bartender told us “You can’t compete with the Porn Star Martini… We use a Porn Star Martini or [the] Porn Star word in probably seven or eight different products. You’ve got shots of Porn Star… you’ve got giant Porn Star, you’ve got desserts that are called Porn Star. People just love [it]”.
It was first created less than twenty years ago by Douglas Ankrah, but despite its relatively young age it is already perceived as a classic. A cocktail list just doesn’t quite seem complete without it and many bars are now installing it on draught to help keep up with demand. It’s even got its own day (6th September for those of you wondering, you’re welcome). There’s no denying that it’s a delicious mix, with the shot of bubbles on the side adding a level of decadence, but I can’t help but think that its name has surely played a huge part in its success.
Marks & Spencer released a canned version last year and, after some heavy consumer backlash, were forced to change its name to the “Passion Star Martini”. Less scandalous? For sure. Less fabulous? Definitely – I certainly can’t imagine the “Passion Star” having quite the same success. Madness of political correctness aside, just this year the Porn Star beat the Mojito to become Britain’s Favourite Cocktail. Its popularity seems unwavering, and long may that continue.
This article was written by Sophie Harris, Project Manager