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As more and more non-alcoholic spirit brands are launched following the trail being blazed by Seedlip, this new category starts to question consumer perception of value.
Traditionally alcoholic content has been a simple and tangible measure of value – the higher the ABV, the higher the cost. However, many of these new spirit brands are being priced at a similar level, if not higher than their alcoholic counterparts.
Compounded by descriptors such as non-alcoholic gin or vodka, consumers simply see an important element being removed from these brands with nothing offered in its place. The challenge for brand owners is to convince consumers that as much craft and know-how goes into the creation of these brands, albeit that they happen to be non-alcoholic. And in so doing they are creating a genuine adult drinking offering for those who, for whatever reason do not wish to drink alcohol, without having to resort to sugary drink alternatives.
Bartenders would argue that this is exactly the rationale for creating exciting non-alcoholic cocktails and selling them at the same price as their alcoholic counterparts. No less thought and work goes into these creations, it is just that some contain alcohol and some do not.
Time will tell if brand owners will successfully manage to convince consumers that value has many different drivers, and that alcoholic content should not be the be-all and end-all of an adult drinking experience.
This article was written by Mike Spurling, Managing Partner