Global Reach

All of our consultancy services are available in over 80 cities around the world.


Global Reach

All of our consultancy services are available in over 80 cities around the world.

From New York to New Delhi, London to Lagos, Beijing to Buenos Aires – our network delivers board-level consultancy and local street intelligence from every major city in the world. And if you need insight from a city not in our network, we will happily expand our reach to accommodate. Get a snapshot of the cities where Barfly operates.

Accra, Ghana

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Athens, Greece

Austin, USA

Atlanta, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Baltimore, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Berlin, Germany

Beijing, China

Boston, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Boulder, USA

Brussels, Belgium

Bucharest, Romania

Budapest, Hungary

Cape Town, South Africa

Bogotá, Colombia

Charlotte, USA

Colombus, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark

Chicago, USA

Dallas, USA

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Denver, USA

Detroit, USA

Douala, Cameroon

Dublin, Ireland

Glasgow, UK

Guangzhou, China

Hamburg, Germany

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hong Kong, China

Houston, USA

Helsinki, Finland

Jacksonville, USA

Jakarta, Indonesia

Johannesburg, South Africa

Kampala, Uganda

Kansas City, USA

Kiev, Ukraine

Lagos, Nigeria

Las Vegas, USA

Lisbon, Portugal

Louisville, USA

Lviv, Ukraine

Madrid, Spain

Manila, Philippines

London, UK

Los Angeles, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Memphis, USA

Milan, Italy

Montreal, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico

Miami, USA

Mumbai, India

Moscow, Russia

Nairobi, Kenya

Nashville, USA

New Orleans, USA

New York City, USA

Oklahoma City, USA

Orlando, USA

Osaka, Japan

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Philadelphia, USA

Phoenix, USA

Portland, USA

Prague, Czech Republic

Reykjavik, Iceland

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rome, Italy

Santiago, Chile

San Antonio, USA

San Diego, USA

San Francisco, USA

San Jose, USA

Seattle, USA

São Paulo, Brazil

Shanghai, China

Seoul, South Korea

Shenzhen, China

Singapore, Singapore

St Louis, USA

St Petersberg, Russia

Stockholm, Sweden

Strasbourg, France

Sydney, Australia

Tampa, USA

Toronto, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Vancouver, Canada

Vienna, Austria

Warsaw, Poland

Washington DC, USA

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Zagreb, Croatia

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